ATAS MetStar 9.1

ATAS MetStar 9.1

Pre-define and streamline your metallurgical process even further with the latest version of our process control system ATAS MetStar 9.1.

Release date: December 15, 2016.

Why 9.1 is so good

– Enhanced communication with external devices (i.e. spectrometer, inoculation machines, wire feeders and charging devices)
– Easier to use than ever before
– Higher precision for analysis of hyper eutectic alloys
– More adaptable to suit a specific metallurgical process

A few sneakpeaks


Interested in learning more?

Great! Let one of our experts contact you to describe how you can benefit using our thermal analysis system. We can also show you how to customize the system according to your needs in your metallurgical process. Find your local representative here or send an e-mail to the NovaCast HQ and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will be thrilled to help you out.

Already an ATAS MetStar user?

As a TPA (Technical Partner Agreement) customer, you have VIP access to the latest technology first, along with unlimited support. This means that you are granted all upgrades for the software provided within the agreement period. You will receive upgrade instructions by e-mail to get your system upgraded, please contact our talented support team and they will gladly assist you.

Not sure if your company has a valid TPA, or maybe you would like to sign up? Don’t worry, you can still get ATAS MetStar 9.1. Get in touch with your local representative, or our dedicated TPA Manager Christina by e-mail or give her a call: +46 709 245 810.

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