Q&A’s about NovaCast

Are you interested to learn more about the people behind the company, and how we work? Here you’ll find a collection of questions about NovaCast.

What does NovaCast do?

At NovaCast, we are a dedicated group of people that are very passionate about improving casting process simulation and optimizing metallurgical process control. Independent of who we are, our team is devoted to innovate and inspire the foundry industry to be smarter and more efficient and at the same time reduce their environmental footprint.

Who are working at NovaCast?

Our team consists of a great variety of people. Our ATAS developer is just not a math expert, he is also a musician. Our marketing associate has a great white dog to call her son and the founder of NovaCast, Rudy, is now engaged in organic wines. Most of our team members have started their careers on the foundry floor experiencing the day-to-day challenges in different casting production processes. They are very skilled and extremely excited about optimizing feeders, reducing casting weight and stabilizing melts.

What can NovaCast do for me?

At NovaCast, we like to share our expertise to help optimizing casting processes.  We focus on technical solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and our mission is to create a responsible industry. Our goal is to inspire and innovate through our products and our commitment.

Our customers reduce their scrap rate and defects as well as save energy and resources of our planet.

I'm interested in one of your systems - what's the next step?

Great! The next step would be to get in touch with us to be introduced to your designated contact person at our HQ or any of our authorized agents/resellers around the world. Here is a list of our global partners.

If you have doubts or questions about our local representation or prefer to contact NovaCast directly, you are of course very welcome to send an e-mail to info@novacast.se or call us at +46 457 465 800. Opening hours and other contact information is here.

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