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Improvement of the tool and high reduction of scrap by using NFS HPD module

Since 2018 Gripple has been using our premium casting simulation system NovaFlow&Solid to improve technology, processes and products.

In 2021 Gripple produced 90 million zinc castings with a scrap rate of less than 1%. Their core business is wire joining products and suspension system, and their customer industries includes building services, civil construction, agriculture, landscape solar and utilities.


This case study is a good example of the benefits of using simulation.

The variant of D6 casting part suffered from blistering and required a 100% inspection rate after production – now a new tool with improved temperature control, gating and venting system is in manufacture to create their new D8 variant.

During the product development process many simulations were conducted to reduce the risk of trapped air around the clip window. Working collaboratively with product design, Gripple can now achieve a product that can successfully be moulded with absolute minimal quality defect risks.

Finally, we can prove that there is a significant difference between the D6 and D8 variant, since the D8 contains significantly less bubbles (gas porosity).


BUBBLE SIMULATION RESULT (Risk of gas porosity)


D6 Housing – Old Variant                                                      D8 Final New Variant


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