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About us

By inspiration and innovation, NovaCast wants to contribute to a more responsible foundry industry. We focus on technical solutions that reduce the environmental footprint, by guiding customers to analyze, stabilize and optimize the casting process. 

We call it the Good Guys’ Industry.




In order to help foundries becoming greener, we’ve designed smart foundry systems to ensure every part of the casting process is streamlined to maximize quality and reduce costs. Less errors and less defects mean higher production accuracy. We put our hearts and souls into providing the global foundry industry with high-quality, cost-cutting solutions. We offer a selection of user-friendly and extensive casting process simu­lation programs and metallurgical process control systems.


The perks of joining the Good Guys’ Industry:

» Less errors and less defects = higher accuracy

» Higher yield because less material is melted

» Decrease usage of harmful substances

» Reduced material consumption

» Lower energy consumption


Since the start in 1981, our HQ is located in Ronneby – “the gar­den of Sweden”. We have offices in India (Bangalore) and the US (Naperville, IL) as well.


NovaCast Systems has close cooperation with selected partners world wide. Through our network we provide global strength as well as intense local presence on many geographic markets. More information about a partner near you is here.


Independent of who you are or what type of company within the foundry industry you work for, our team is devoted to innovate and inspire you to be smarter and more efficient.


The result is reduced environmental footprint.

Every casting counts™

Our seven values

In 2015, the NovaCast team decided upon seven values to work and live by.

Go green
/ɡoʊ ɡriːn/
Go further
/ɡoʊ ˈfɝː.ðɚ/
Go together
/ɡoʊ təˈɡeð.ɚ/
Go honest
/ɡoʊ ˈɑː.nɪst/
Go happy
/ɡoʊ ˈhæp.i/
Go open
/ɡoʊ ˈoʊ.pən/
Go free
/ɡoʊ friː/

What we can do for you

If you want to make a real difference, use reality-based products.




With NovaMethod you are able to easily create and edit your 3D model before simulating the casting detail. NovaMethod works perfectly as a pre-processor to our casting process simulation software: NovaFlow&Solid™, but can also be used independently. NovaMethod is especially designed for foundries to meet the requirements you should have on your casting preparation tools.

The NovaMethod system includes complete CAD functionality, core creation tools, horizontal gating design assistance and geometry repair functionality.

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NovaGating is an innovative program that calculates the gating systems based on velocity. NovaGating is an add-on module to NovaMethod.

One of several benefits available with NovaGating:

– Standardized method of development of ingates and feeders using well-proven calculations.

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NovaFeeding is an innovative program that is developed to calculate the feeding system including the neck dimensions. NovaFeeding is an add-on module to NovaMethod.

One of several advantages available with NovaGating is:

– Uses volume demand (feed metal requirement)

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The innovative casting process simulation tool that helps you work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings.

NovaFlow&Solid simulates mold filling and solidification and also contains much more than that and it really gives you the possibility to simulate the casting production that you dream to have. We want you to be able to find solutions faster and more accurate than before and it should be easy to learn to use the program.

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NovaOne HPD

NovaOne HPD can simulate both cold- and hot chamber methods. It is possible to simulate more or less all commercial materials used for high pressure die casting like aluminum alloys and zinc alloys.

A quick and easy casting simulation software that will help you start simulating your castings in no time.

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NovaOne Gravity

NovaOne Gravity is an innovative casting process simulation tool that simulates mold filling and solidification. With NovaOne Gravity, you can simulate gravity sand casting, gravity permanent mold and lost wax method.

A quick and easy casting simulation software that will help you start simulating your castings in no time.

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NovaStress is the analysis tool to use when you have quality issues related to stresses. Analyze your current design and compare alternative ones to find a quick solution and reduce the need of expensive trials in production.

NovaStress is fully integrated into the NovaFlow&Solid package and gives the ultimate casting simulation solution. The program uses the same meshing technology as NovaFlow&Solid, CVM (Control Volume Mesh), which exactly describes the original solid geometry. The calculation speed is very fast thanks to a specific calculation method with full contact task.

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Enable advanced optimized charge calculations in your production.

Many foundries that use simple spread sheets to calculate their melt charges have found them to be insufficient when they are facing a large mix of materials in their inventory or if they are producing many different alloys.

MetalMaster helps you plan and calculate the most economical charge composition for your foundry. The aim is to reach the targeted chemical composition for a specific quality to the lowest possible cost. MetalMaster can easily be used as a support system to ATAS MetStar.

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ATAS MetStar

ATAS (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) MetStar is an easy to use, adaptive metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the metallurgical production process. ATAS MetStar is the fundamental tool for a foundry to improve quality, control and increase stability of the metallurgical parameters. The result is reduced scrap rate, less energy consumption and a greener planet.

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ATAS MetPro is a process management and data collection system that guides the foundry staff through the complete charging and melting process.

ATAS MetPro helps foundries structure their production process by visualizing the collected and saved process data. The system also gives the operator real-time advice based on the current status of the defined process parameters, as well as information about the recently produced batches. This is easily analyzed afterwards for quality assurance and traceability. The outcome is reduced cycle time and less risk for errors, which results in lower scrap rate. It also minimizes energy consumption, which contributes to a greener planet.

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Become a Good Guy

We focus on technical solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and our mission is to create a responsible industry. Our goal is to inspire and innovate through our products and our commitment.

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