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Most of our team members have started their careers on the foundry floor experiencing the day-to-day challenges in different casting production processes. They are very skilled and extremely excited about optimizing feeders, reducing casting weight and stabilizing melts.


Our team consists of a great variety of people. One of our ATAS developers is just not a math expert, he is also a musician. Our marketing associate has a great white dog to call her son and the founder of NovaCast, Rudy, is now engaged in organic wines.


Independent of who we are, our team is devoted to innovate and inspire the foundry industry to be smarter, more efficient at the same time as they reduce their environmental footprint.

Our seven values

Values the NovaCast team work and live by.

Go green
/ɡoʊ ɡriːn/
[1] the commitment of reducing your environmental footprint, [2] being responsible, [3] believing that every casting counts, [4] making conscious choices, [5] demanding step by step improvments of your surroundings, [6] avoid misusing nature’s resources, [7] encouraging people around you to make smart and environmental-friendly choices
Go further
/ɡoʊ ˈfɝː.ðɚ/
[1] the next step, [2] always being in front, [3] creating innovative solutions, [4] to always look forward, [5] being leaders in reducing our environmental footprint, [6] thinking outside the box, [7] the ability of embracing partners with common goals
Go together
/ɡoʊ təˈɡeð.ɚ/
[1] working together is to go further, [2] co-operations, [3] to physically meet, [4] feeling united, [5] doing things together, [6] teamwork, [7] exchanging experiences and success stories with each other
Go honest
/ɡoʊ ˈɑː.nɪst/
[1] the power of being someone and to stand for something, [2] the right to express our feelings, [3] the ability to be honest towards yourself and others, [4] to admit misstakes, [5] the strength of telling the truth even when it’s uncomfortable, [6] to avoid having a political agenda, [7] the ability of self-examination
Go happy
/ɡoʊ ˈhæp.i/
[1] to share a smile, [2] doing high-fives, [3] planning ahead to avoid stress, [4] accepting other people’s problems, [5] cherishing team activities, [6] doing the things you enjoy, [7] to feel motivated and inspired, [8] believing every co-worker, partner and customer count
Go open
/ɡoʊ ˈoʊ.pən/
[1] sharing experiences, knowledge, success and problems, [2] being straight-forward, [3] not hiding information, [4] to dare to try something new, [5] acting inclusively, [6] networking, [7] to host user meetings, [8] showing respect, [9] being open-minded to other people’s ideas
Go free
/ɡoʊ friː/
[1] being flexible, [2] working in the cloud, [3] having an open mind, [4] thinking outside the box, [5] being independent, [6] freedom with responsibility

What we can do for you

If you want to make a real difference, use reality-based products.


» Less errors and less defects = higher accuracy
» Higher yield because less material is melted
» Decrease usage of harmful substances
» Reduced material consumption
» Lower energy consumption
» Our customers do good business with a good conscience
» By “Every casting count™”, we mean that only the castings needed are being made




The innovative casting process simulation tool that helps you work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings.

NovaFlow&Solid simulates mold filling and solidification and also contains much more than that and it really gives you the possibility to simulate the casting production that you dream to have. We want you to be able to find solutions faster and more accurate than before and it should be easy to learn to use the program.

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ATAS MetStar

ATAS (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) MetStar is an easy to use, adaptive metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the metallurgical production process. ATAS MetStar is the fundamental tool for a foundry to improve quality, control and increase stability of the metallurgical parameters. The result is reduced scrap rate, less energy consumption and a greener planet.

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With NovaMethod you are able to easily create and edit your 3D model before simulating the casting detail. NovaMethod works perfectly as a pre-processor to our casting process simulation software: NovaFlow&Solid™, but can also be used independently. NovaMethod is especially designed for foundries to meet the requirements you should have on your casting preparation tools.

The NovaMethod system includes complete CAD functionality, core creation tools, horizontal gating design assistance and geometry repair functionality.

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NovaStress is the analysis tool to use when you have quality issues related to stresses. Analyze your current design and compare alternative ones to find a quick solution and reduce the need of expensive trials in production.

NovaStress is fully integrated into the NovaFlow&Solid package and gives the ultimate casting simulation solution. The program uses the same meshing technology as NovaFlow&Solid, CVM (Control Volume Mesh), which exactly describes the original solid geometry. The calculation speed is very fast thanks to a specific calculation method with full contact task.

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Design optimized gating and feeding systems.

FoundryTech is easy to use, interactive, menu driven and an ideal pre-processor for NovaFlow&Solid. Although FoundryTech will not generate any complete geometries it will aid the foundry in using scientific, stable and systematic procedures for gating and feeding design.

Using FoundryTech as a tool in the engineering office of a small or medium sized foundry will create a great opportunity to reduce number of trial pours and increase casting yield. At the same time the system will introduce new knowledge and possibilities to further improve production efficiency in the foundry.

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Enable advanced optimized charge calculations in your production.

Many foundries that use simple spread sheets to calculate their melt charges have found them to be insufficient when they are facing a large mix of materials in their inventory or if they are producing many different alloys.

MetalMaster helps you plan and calculate the most economical charge composition for your foundry. The aim is to reach the targeted chemical composition for a specific quality to the lowest possible cost. MetalMaster can easily be used as a support system to ATAS MetStar.

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We focus on technical solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and our mission is to create a responsible industry. Our goal is to inspire and innovate through our products and our commitment.

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