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At NovaCast, we are devoted to innovate and inspire the foundry industry to be smarter and more efficient and at the same time reduce their environmental footprint.

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NovaMethod is a CAD system especially designed for the foundry industry with complete functionality such as core creation tools, horizontal gating design assistance and geometry repair functionality.

> Flexible assembly structure
> Works with many leading CAD/CAM tools
> Design in any context

NovaGating is an innovative program that calculates the gating systems based on velocity. NovaGating is an add-on module to NovaMethod.

NovaFeeding is an innovative program that is developed to calculate the feeding system including the neck dimensions. NovaFeeding is an add-on module to NovaMethod.

NovaFlow&Solid (premium) and NovaOne (essential) are casting simulation tools that help you work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings.

> Unique, efficient and fast meshing technique
> Predict defects and shrinkages before production
> Spare time, money and environmental resources

Analyze your current design and compare alternative ones to find a quick solution and reduce the need of expensive trials in production.

> Fast calculations with full contact task
> Predicts cracks
> Fully integrated with NovaFlow&Solid

MetalMaster helps you plan and calculate the most economical charge composition for your foundry. The aim is to reach the targeted chemical composition for a specific quality to the lowest possible cost. MetalMaster can easily be used as a support system to ATAS MetStar.

Good Guys’ Index is a comprehensive tool with a straightforward layout to perform smooth calculations of cost and material savings, as well as CO2 emissions.

ATAS (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) MetStar is a flexible metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the metallurgical production process. The system has been developed from a metallurgical point of view, based on years of foundry experience both from NovaCast’s own personnel but also customers’ day-to-day challenges. The system is used to create routines and rules for developing a lean production method.

ATAS MetPro helps foundries structure their production process by visualizing the collected and saved process data. The system also gives the operator real-time advice based on the current status of the defined process parameters, as well as information about the recently produced batches.

For the ATAS MetStar system to evaluate correct solidification process it is extremely important to have stable, consistent and sound thermal analysis cups. We offer two types of sampling cups, white and grey for your ATAS MetStar system.

We also offer light-weight non-graphite ceramic sampling spoons with high melting point to avoid temperature losses. Also, there is no need to preheat.

Having a maintenance agreement means that you are not only guaranteed support, you will also get all software updates, invitations to webinars and discounted user meetings.

At NovaCast, we don’t just sell products. We are a flexible right-hand partner with resources to offer extra pairs of hands, online tutorials or brainstorming sessions to help you work as smoothly as possible.

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Italterm, new partner in the Brazilian market


We are happy to announce that an agreement is made with Italterm, as new partners in the Brazilian market. The agreement means that NovaCast will connect a strong component with a high level of knowledge of the Brazilian market. Italterm will mai...

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Exclusive Offer: Free use of Good Guys’ Index for one year


NovaCast is proud to offer all Swedish foundry members of the Swedish Foundry Association a unique opportunity – free access to Good Guys' Index (GGI) for a year! Discover the power of Good Guys' Index (GGI) Good Guys' Index (GGI) is a groundbrea...

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Støperikongressen 2024


Last week, we participated at Støperikongressen 2024 (Norwegian Foundry Association), in Hamar, Norway.   There were two good days that included interesting meetings with existing customers and prospects. Thank you to everyone who visited us! ...

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