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A sleeve data development from Chemex

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Chemex sleeve material properties are now available in NovaFlow&Solid to enhance the accuracy of the simulations.


Benefits for NovaFlow&Solid users

The addition of the Chemex database in NovaFlow&Solid will not only make it easier to optimize the feeder systems onto your casting, but has also the following advantages:
1. Increase accuracy
2. Optimize the simulation setup as in reality
3. Easier and faster to set up feeder geometry


Our partners

HA Italia is our long-time authorized partner in Italy. Innovations in foundry chemistry provide the foundations for key industries and economic growth. Hüttenes-Albertus is committed to intensive research, using the latest technical and digital methods and drawing on the expertise of our global teams of foundry chemistry specialists. This enables them to offer foundries all over the world a comprehensive product range for every step of their casting processes.

>> Learn more about HA Italy here.

Chemex, a wholly-owned affiliate of Hüttenes-Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH (HA), was founded in 1974, and since then has evolved into one of the most important suppliers to the foundry industry. Chemex is represented worldwide through the marketing organization of its parent company HA. The exceptional variety of their products assures our customers an optimal selection of feeding systems.

> Read more about Chemex here.


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