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ThinC project


Development of 25% lighter thin-walled aerospace components.

The goals of the project have been to produce lighter aerospace components than what is possible today and to develop simulation methods for thin casting and also to form a national supply chain of cast aerospace components.

The project results show that it is possible to cast complex structures with wall thickness down to 1.5 mm. Thanks to NovaFlow&Solid, simulation methods have been developed that enables 25% weight reduction. An important result is that the project has created possibilities for a national supply chain of cast components for the aerospace industry. The expectation is that suppliers of investment cast components, suppliers of materials and process knowledge as well as software suppliers in the future will form a strong and competitive innovation and supply chain in collaboration with the aerospace industry.

Participating in this project has resulted in greater competence in precision casting and super alloys for us. Also, being a part of finding ways to reduce the weight of aerospace engine components with as much as 25% is very important for the sake of our future. Together, we can go further and make a difference.
– Martin Hagbyhn, CEO of NovaCast

The goals set for the project have been achieved and a full aerospace engine hub was cast as a proof of concept. To be continued with “Precip project” starting 2019.

The strategic innovation programme for light weight and metallic material (Sweden’s Innovation Agency – VINNOVA, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency)

Swerea SWECAST, GKN Aerospace Sweden and TPC Components

For further information:
Pontus Andersson, Håkan Fransson

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