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At the 73rd World Foundry Congress


One of our metallurgical process control experts, Per-Eric Persson, held a lecture about increasing precision and yield in casting by simulation of the solidification process based on realistic material data evaluated from an ATAS MetStar system.

Updated 2019-12-18
The conducted work shows and confirms how the results evaluated with ATAS MetStar are an important source for calculating metallurgical data to be used as input to increase the precision in simulation of cooling and solidification of cast iron. The aim with the methodology is to achieve a higher quality in the prediction of macro– and micro porosity in castings. As comparison objects standard type of sampling cups for thermal analysis (solidification module M ≈ 0.6 cm) is used. The results from thermal analysis elaborated with the ATAS MetStar system are evaluated parallel with the material quality (including tendency to external and internal defects) of the tested specimen. Significant temperatures and calculated quality parameters are evaluated in the ATAS MetStar system and used as input to calibrate the density curve as temperature function in NovaFlow&Solid simulation system. The modified data are imported to the NovaFlow&Solid simulation system and compared with real results.

Read the full article is here.

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