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Exclusive Offer: Free use of Good Guys’ Index for one year


NovaCast is proud to offer all Swedish foundry members of the Swedish Foundry Association a unique opportunity – free access to Good Guys’ Index (GGI) for a year!

Discover the power of Good Guys’ Index (GGI)

Good Guys’ Index (GGI) is a groundbreaking tool that helps foundries accurately calculate the environmental impact of their products. When the demands to reduce carbon emissions are increasing, it is becoming increasingly important to have full control over the carbon impact of each product. With GGI, it’s easy to calculate the full cost of a casted product, both economically and environmentally – specifically designed for the foundry industry.

Take advantage of our offer

Free use of GGI for one year – take advantage of this chance to integrate a state-of-the-art tool into your processes at no cost.
Starting date: Offer valid from May 16, 2024.


“That was a good offer! I hope the offer will have the desired effect for you so that more people start using the program, it is a good method to relatively easily get a CO2 footprint.”

Daniel Larsson from Unnaryd Modell AB


Take advantage of this unique offer and improve your processes with the help of Good Guys’ Index. Sign up and start your journey towards higher quality and efficiency!

For more information and registration, contact Håkan Fransson ( at NovaCast Systems AB.



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