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Today, NovaCast Systems is launching the most user friendly metallurgical process control system on the market, ATAS MetStar 9.0.

Each one that has foundry experience knows the day-to-day challenges of achieving the same quality of the melt between the charges. The expectations from the customers are high both on casting quality and precision in delivery, for a competitive price. Foundries have to use all their know-how and handicraft experience to meet the requirements and still they are struggling with too big variations in the production process.

ATAS MetStar is the metallurgical process control system that helps the foundries stabilize their quality through an optimized production process. Per-Eric Persson, Product Manager explains; “-The system returns important data of each sample of the melt, the unique fingerprint, and the operator/the metallurgist on the shop floor has the possibility to correct possible negative variations before the actual castings are done.” He continues, “- Our system helps the foundries to cast only the castings needed which involves key cost-savings for the foundries.”

In this version of ATAS MetStar a new Good Guys’ Index (GGI) is available. It shows how successful the operators are to minimize the foundry’s environmental footprint. The GGI value takes, for example, melting and holding time in the electrical furnace and addition of new materials into account.

Camilla Sjögren, Marketing Manager, clarifies “- GGI is a value that visualizes how taking control of the production process not only leads to less variations, stable quality and reduced scrap rate, the foundries also gain environmental advantages like less energy consumption and less material usage. We want to create an active awareness; you can make big changes with small steps. You see, green business is good business. For everyone.”

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