Re: Travel Protocol to Reduce Possible Spread of Coronavirus


In response to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, NovaCast Systems AB has made a decision to cease all business travel outside of Sweden. At this stage, we are unable to provide an estimate on when we will lift this travel restriction. Employees who are traveling outside of Sweden, either for business or personal purpose, shall consider self-quarantine for a period of 14 days, whether or not they are feeling unwell or showing symptoms.

As a consequence, we will also be very restricted with external visitors. Physical meetings shall be avoided. Meetings with visitors from abroad are not allowed.

NovaCast Systems AB strongly supports online options and we are encouraging our staff to make use of remote options whenever possible.

This decision can be updated or changed at any time or when new information is available.

Best regards,
Martin Hagbyhn
MD of NovaCast Systems AB

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