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Release of NovaFlow&Solid 6.4


We are proud to announce the release of NovaFlow&Solid 6.4!

Here are a few of the new features and updates:

• The solver 1 uses the non-equilibrium model for the solidification modelling. It enable more accurate simulation with microstructure calculation and advanced segregation calculations. It also makes it possible to extend the Re-melt function to work with other casting materials than the one you are pouring.

• For gravity casting, we are also adding Exothermic powder function, among other things. The Parameter optimization has been highly improved with more design of experiment tables and a number of new parameters to use in the plan. Among them are all types of materials included in the simulation.

• NovaFlow&Solid 6.4 has also been further adapted for use of other types of casting methods. For high pressure die casting, we have added functions like  squeeze pins, more advanced mold spraying and also a vacuum vent function. We have also developed ways to describe semi sold melt with change of the viscosity function enabling both Thixo and Rheo casting methods in the correct way.

• On the productive use of program side we have added a movie function for recording two or more different simulation into the same movie and also we have developed a new section tool that sections totally freely within X, Y and Z.

In total there are around 40 improvements made to the version. TPA users will receive further instructions on how to update. If you don’t have a valid TPA, or maybe not even NovaFlow&Solid, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help you.

>> Request the recording of our release webinar here.

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