Test our programs for free* (limited offer)


Being a Good Guy means helping out, so we’re doing the Good Guy share.

Throughout these confusing days with social distancing and in some cases complete isolation, we would like to offer 2-months tests of selected programs for free*. Whether you are still at your ordinary working place or at home – you can take part of this.

• Test NovaStress; our great add-on module to NovaFlow&Solid for predicting deformations.
Please note that you need an active NovaFlow&Solid license to run NovaStress.

• Test MetalMaster; our foundry tool for optimizing the cost of your material.

How to start testing:
Send an e-mail to support@novacast.se to request a test license for two months.

* = Limited offer for current customers. Not a customer yet? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in testing MetalMaster – we’ll work something out! The test period must start before May 15, 2020 to be valid.

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