For a more responsible foundry industry.

The Manifesto of NovaCast.


The Manifesto of NovaCast.

We believe in the good in you. That you – are one of the good guys. And we believe that if everyone would let the good in them be in charge, it would make a real and significant difference. For you. For your children. And for the planet.

We believe in walking the talk. In acting for change. Not just for sustainability, but for a truly responsible industry that does good business with a good conscience. In all respects. A good guys’ industry that thrives, healthy, on a happy planet.

Therefore we are driven to innovate and produce solutions that reduce the environmental footprint. And one day, if we are focused and devoted we will get so far that there won’t be any footprint at all. For this we need your help. We believe that we are stronger together and can accomplish more, faster, when united – than one by one.

To make real change, we believe we need to start in the real world. Therefore we create reality-based solutions.

To make real change, we know we need to be many. Therefore we create systems that are easy to get started, are user friendly and where you have access to all environmental improvement tools and features from the start. No restrictions. We believe restrictions prevent you from being one of the good guys.

We are committed to constantly going further and challenging your every step to make a significant difference. And expect you to bring on your everyday harmful production challenges.

We know change isn’t easy. We know there will be hurdles along the way. But we are in this for the long run. Because green business is good business. For everyone.

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