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Consultancy services

High workload, unplanned absence of own staff or a temporary need for cutting-edge skills can be reasons for looking for external help. At NovaCast, we don’t just sell products. We are a flexible right-hand partner with resources to offer extra pairs of hands, online tutorials or brainstorming sessions to help you work as smoothly as possible. You using our systems to the fullest without hurdles, means the world to us.


What NovaCast can help with

Our mission is to contribute to a re­sponsible foundry industry. Our goal is to inspire foundries world-wide through our products, our innovations and our commit­ment. To do this, NovaCast is more like a partner with a helping hand, than just another software supplier. Our team is very skilled and extremely excited about optimizing feeders, reducing casting weight and stabilizing melts.

Casting Process Simulation:
Our consultancy team within casting simulation has wide experience from the foundry business. By using our casting simulation software package, multiple areas within simulation and methoding are covered, including optimizing gray and ductile iron castings as well as low pressure die casting of aluminum to name a few.

Metallurgical Process Control:
The thermal analysis group is just as strong, with devoted and innovative minds. We have extensive knowledge to help you make a profound reality check of your melt and evaluate your metallurgical fingerprint. With our assistance you will find strengths and weaknesses of the melt in your foundry. Interested in learning more about ATAS MetStar, our Adaptive Thermal Analysis System? Click here.


Example of arrangement

Initially, we will identify the challenge that you are experiencing in order to present suitable solutions. The NovaCast team is flexible and prepared to offer online or onsite consultancy services depending on what would suit the mission best. We will together set a process plan to decide time frame, resources, accessible data/information and report frequency.

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We will be happy to discuss a suitable consultancy service for you. Contact us directly or fill in the form below if you wish to be contacted by us.

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