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Most of our team members have started their careers on the foundry floor experiencing the day-to-day challenges in different casting production processes. They are very skilled and extremely excited about optimizing feeders, reducing casting weight and stabilizing melts.

Casting Process Simulation:
Our Product Manager for our casting simulation software, NovaFlow&Solid, is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the foundry business. Together with the rest of the simulation development and technical team, our expertise covers multiple areas within simulation and methoding, as well as grey and ductile iron, low pressure die casting of aluminium to name a few.

Metallurgical Process Control:
The Thermal Analysis group is just as strong, with devoted and innovative minds led by a metallurgical pioneer. We have extensive acknowledge to help you make a profound reality check of your melt. With our help you will find your strengths and weaknesses of the melt in your foundry. Interested in learning more about ATAS MetStar, our Adaptive Thermal Analysis System? Click here.

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