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At NovaCast, we are developing a revolutionary new tellurium free cup, the PrEcoCup (Precision Ecological Cup). This innovation will provide a safer work environment for the operators at the same time as it produces the necessary information much faster. As a bonus, the sample can be used for the spectrometer as well and can be recycled straight back into the melt.

Tellurium is a harmful substance that is being used in measurement cups to be able to extract chemical data from the sample of the melt. When the melt is poured into the cup, Tellurium vaporizes contaminating the surrounding air where workers will breathe in some of the harmful substance.

As part of our long-term commitment to constantly find the most responsible way of doing business, we turned our attention to our cups. We decided to look at it unconditionally and came to the conclusion that since the cup is a consumable the best thing would be to have no cup at all, and that is how we arrived at our No Cup vision. We are not there yet, but one day we will be. On our way to eliminate the cup completely, we have started eliminating the harmful substances from the cup. As Tellurium is the biggest culprit we just knew it had to go!

>> The release of the PrEcoCup is to be announced.

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