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An educational visit at SIMET, Croatia


A two-day visit to the Foundry Center within the Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak, Croatia, started with opening the shipped cups and checking the equipment.

After installation of the ATAS MetStar software, the training started. Training was held by our technical manager for metallurgy, Andrej Kump. Present at the education were PhD students and assistant professors from the Metallurgy and Process Department of the Faculty.

Education consists of 3 parts:
• sampling procedure and taking care of hardware equipment
• basic metallurgical process introduction
• ATAS MetStar program education

Since the metallurgical laboratory is still in a process of reconstruction (due to devastating earthquakes), we did not have a possibility to make a practical training and testing ATAS MetStar with molten iron.

In the final part, those present had an opportunity to start ATAS MetStar and check the features such as Curve Analyzer, Curve Comparison, Alloy Editor, etc….

The general impression was that those present were satisfied and definitely we will support them for eventual further questions and for more advanced user-experience of ATAS MetStar.

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