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Thermal Analysis Cup

For analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing your metallurgical process with reliable tools.

Thermal analysis is based on recording the cooling curve (temperature vs. time), and solidification of a standardized volume of metal within sand cups. During the solidification process austenite and graphite is precipitated and energy is released which causes temporary arrests on the temperature/time curve. ATAS MetStar detects temporary arrests by the cooling rate from which we receive melt quality. For the system to evaluate correct solidification process it is extremely important to have stable, consistent and sound thermal analysis cups.

During solidification of metal in the cup (from 1350-1400°C down to 1000°C or even lower) a signal from the thermocouple is produced and sent to the ATAS MetStar AD converter, which converts analog signal to digital. ATAS MetStar reads the signal, draws the cooling curve and evaluates all significant characteristics from the molten metal. We recommend ATAS MetStar users to use this cup since the geometry is designed to have correct evaluation of graphite precipitation during solidification. Based on the result, the operator is guided to have defect-free castings. Along with our thermal analysis cups, we advise ATAS MetStar users to only use our cup contacts to guarantee a functional system.

The cups are manufactured with a thermocouple wire with special calibration (+/- 1,2°C at 1.000°C) and are produced in large scale, using large batches of raw material, thus avoiding changing batch to batch. This gives the sampling cup its high accuracy and reliability.

> Cup with tellurium (W cups, art no 291002):
For thermal analysis of both hypo and hypereutectic iron, providing very accurate CE, C and Si calculations.

> Cup without tellurium (G cups, art no 291001):
For cooling curve of grey cast iron’s super eutectic cooling and stable temperature and aluminum-silicon alloys (refining and modification).

> Cup contacts (art no 249003):
Cup heads to place the thermal analysis cup at on the sampling stand.

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