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Release of ATAS MetPro 1.1


We are proud to announce ATAS MetPro 1.1

ATAS MetPro is a process management and data collection system that guides the foundry staff through the complete charging and melting process.

• Perfect solution to avoid human errors in the melt shop
• Number one production assistant for every needs
• Operators change while MetPro stays

Minimizes cost and energy consumption: ATAS MetPro minimizes the material costs and energy consumption by finding the most cost-effective solution when calculating material addition, which contributes to a greener planet.

Customizable system: ATAS MetPro is designed to work for all types of foundries (cast iron, white iron, steel…). Using the melt plan editor, it can be fully tailored for different production layouts.

Ensures quality: Based on spectrometer, thermal and temperature measurements, ATAS MetPro guides the operator to achieve the desired quality of the melt.

>> Interested in learning more about the new ATAS MetPro? Get in touch with us.

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