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ATAS MetPro is a process management and data collection system that guides the foundry staff through the complete charging and melting process.

ATAS MetPro helps foundries structure their production process by visualizing the collected and saved process data. The system also gives the operator real-time advice based on the current status of the defined process parameters, as well as information about the recently produced batches. This is easily analyzed afterwards for quality assurance and traceability. The outcome is reduced cycle time and less risk for errors, which results in lower scrap rate. It also minimizes energy consumption, which contributes to a greener planet.

ATAS MetPro together with a metallurgical process control system (ATAS MetStar) is an essential hub and communication centre for foundries. The ATAS MetPro system communicates with different devices for measuring and controlling, as well as machines for correction of the process such as:
• Temperature control – temperature lance
• Chemical adjustment – spectrometer, LECO or another similar device
• Calculation of additions – for example MetalMaster and ATAS MetStar
• Controlling dosing equipment – scalers, charging devices
• Quality control – mechanical properties, microstructure and others

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