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4 reasons to choose NovaFlow&Solid

Can all casting simulation tools be the fastest, the most accurate and the easiest to use? We think not, and since “Go Honest” is one of our core values – we hereby present proof of our statements.



A super fast simulation tool.

NovaFlow&Solid is not a traditional FDM (Finite Difference Method) powered program. We use CVM (=Control Volume Method), also known as FVM, Finite Volume Method and is proved to be more than ten times faster than FDM. The CVM technology allows the surface of the 3D model to control the shape of the mesh elements on the border of the casting. This creates cubic elements inside the casting and border cells on the boundary of the casting, which generates much faster and more accurate results. CVM also works all the time during the simulation. It is especially important during filling shen it is possible to really calculate the height/width of a metal front. It fills only the necessary fraction of a cell instead of cell by cell which is the case with FDM.

While using the multi mesh, time is reduced even further when you during a simulation can use fewer elements at certain stages. This also applies during filling.

Paolo Salvi at Arizzi Fonderie in Italy helps us back this up:

“I use rough cells during filling and a fine mesh during solidification; in this case, I can see the right temperatures of the feeding system in the end of filling with a faster flow simulation, and a correct prediction of shrinkage in the end of solidification with fine mesh. In other cases, I use multi-mesh for filling up to 30% with a rough mesh and complete to 100% the flow simulation with a fine mesh to see cold-flows or temperatures in the castings. This feature really helps us to work faster and have a good result in less time.”

Read the full story about Arizzi and their NovaCast products here.

Brings you extremely accurate results.

Due to a perfect description of the 3D model, you receive a higher accuracy in the simulation using NovaFlow&Solid since all sections are correct in size. FDM is always an approximate where CVM technology is as the 3D model dimensions.

Mattias Melin at Lundbergs Pressgjuteri in Sweden explains how much he trusts the program:
“Being able to simulate the casting, you can create an improved tool right from the start. Since you get to experiment your way through a virtual phase you know that it’ll work before you actually create it.”

The success story of Lundbergs is here.

An all-inclusive program.

Included in NovaFlow&Solid:

• Multi core support: the program will use as many as the computer has.

• Unlimited mesh amount.

• Full functionality for all commercial methods (no need for extra modules) – gravity sand casting, gravity permanent mold, low pressure die casting, lost wax method, tilt pouring, counter gravity casting, centrifugal casting and lost foam process.

• Full database of the most common commercial casting materials.

• Browser as freeware that can be installed on multiple locations.

The most green simulation guide.

NovaFlow&Solid can make your casting production more green by letting you investigate and be guided how to increase your yield and optimize your production process. The Good Guys’ Index (GGI) is an built-in function in the program to help you save energy, material and eventually use less of the resources of our planet. We believe that Every Casting Counts™, which means that we should work together for a future where casting defects does not exist and you make good business with a good conscience.

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