For a more responsible foundry industry.

Working too hard trying to avoid human errors in melt shop?

Our latest system ATAS MetPro is a process management and data collection system. We have designed it to be an indispensable system for foundries that guides the staff through the complete charging and melting process. Learn more about the benefits using ATAS MetPro below.


Perfect solution to avoid human errors in the melt shop.

The demands for defect free castings today are very high. Therefore many foundries rely on humans to do their job properly at any time, place and circumstances in the melt shop. This can be very challenging at times, and that is why we have developed system which has three important tasks:

• ATAS MetPro collects the available process information from thermal analysis, spectrometer and thermal lance as well as other valuable information such as mechanical properties.
• Distributes information to operators in a structured and accessible way in order to ensure the process to run smoothly from charging to pouring sequence 24/7.
• Fully implemented system gives complete traceability of the processes and pro-active warnings to avoid defect before they even occur.

Fully tailored for different production layouts.

ATAS MetPro is a highly customizable and adaptable system which is designed to work with all types of foundries (cast iron, white iron, steel, etc..). We can set up multiple viewers units across the melting shop and offices in order to view the processes with real time updates, reopen closed processes, set up alloys and melt plan without even leaving the post.

ATAS MetPro minimizes the material costs and energy consumption, by finding the most cost-efficient solution when calculating material addition, which contributes to a greener planet.

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