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Calibration kit

Every casting foundry needs accurate and reliable measurement tools and systems in order to control the melt shop process. To match this request, we provide customers with a calibration kit to easily calibrate metallurgical process control systems.

The calibration kit is specially designed to fit our line of products in order to give the user the most accurate corrections of temperature. We recommend these corrections to be made once a month. Since it is expensive and time consuming to send equipment to our facilities, we have created perfect calibration kits that are also very easy to use.

Our calibration kit consists of:
1. Calibrator
2. Calibration contact head with compensation cable

Why do you need to calibrate your system?

Well, every thermal couple wiring has some resistance. This means in most cases there is a slight voltage drop between measuring spot (single or double cup stands) and ATAS MetStar Production unit (A/D converter inside of the unit). Usually there is also several  junctions between measuring spot (thermal analysis cup) and production unit as well as different length of compensation cable which also add to the resistance of the circuit. So, all of these facts contribute to each foundry’s need of calibration kit.

How can you use the calibrator kit?

Usage is very easy and straightforward. The user must follow some simple rules which are written in NovaCast user guideline “How to calibrate NovaCast products”. This guideline will make every foundryman capable of making calibration once a month on their own. This will lead to very accurate readings from our metallurgical control process system, ATAS MetStar. It will also save time and money for customers, since it is not needed to send equipment to NovaCast facilities for monthly or yearly calibration.

All calibration kits are tested and certified by a NovaCast technician upon delivery.

> Calibration kit (art no 240006)

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