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Saving time and money with NovaFlow&Solid

In the Swedish town Floby, home to just over 1500 inhabitants, Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) has resided for more than 60 years. From their facility, AC Floby has spent decades manufacturing products for the automotive industry, while at the same time amassing extensive knowledge of both machining and installation. The result is a company that today produces products such as brake discs, wheel hubs and connecting rods for manufacturers throughout Europe, and beyond, to the highest industry standards of quality, precision and environmental impact.

When contacting us in 2011, they had found they were losing large amounts of critical time in production when constructing brake components for cars. Looking for a way to stabilize and optimize their production process, AC Floby started hiring us at NovaCast for simulations on a consulting basis.

Last year, as the need of the professional simulations had increased, they decided to buy our process simulation tool NovaFlow&Solid for inhouse use. This tool simulates mold filling and solidification, saves crucial time in production and makes the process cost-efficient. The time saving comes from switching mesh in the simulation and during filling in several steps. Where the sections are thick-walled you use a bigger mesh resolution, for sensitive areas a finer mesh is used.

Stefan Kristiansson, Sr Project Leader at AC Floby:

“We chose NovaFlow&Solid due to its well-known ability to reduce scrap rate and minimizing the numbers of errors in production. Experimenting costs a lot of money and we wanted to get away from that. Having used the software for a while, we can see that not only our production processes have become more efficient, we have also saved product development time. NovaFlow&Solid has given us a competitive advantage as well.”  

After implementing the simulation software, the users at AC Floby are pleased, as expressed by Samuel Awe, Metallurgical Engineer R&D:

“We had a good training and were able to start working with the software immediately. It is simple to manage and very user-friendly. The loss of time we experienced in the past is no longer a problem.”

In addition to investing in NovaFlow&Solid, AC Floby chose our Technology Partner Agreement (TPA) as well. Having a TPA means that you are not only guaranteed support, you will also get all software updates, invitations to webinars and discounted user meetings.

“The software upgrades given to us through the TPA secure that we can maximize the benefits of NovaFlow&Solid’s capacity. If there are questions, NovaCast is always there to help at short notice”.

Read more about the Technology Partner Agreement from NovaCast here >>

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