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Customer Cases: Aluminum

Chilling Fact: You Can Save Money by Thermal Analysis

One very important effect of changing characteristics within the molten iron during induction furnace melting, revealed by thermal analysis, is the ch...

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Predicting casting defects to control costs for robot molds

Since no-bake sand foundry Southern Cast Products (SCP) started simulating all casting parts, their efficiency has improved greatly. – There is ...

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Designing castings for manufacturing as well as functionality

This customer case was originally initiated by Voxeljet. Since 2015, Brooks Crownhill Patternmakers (BCP) have been using NovaFlow&Solid as an agi...

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"One mold, one casting"

The award-winning patternmaker DMT’s main goal is to support the design and manufacturing of metal components using digital methods. With NovaFl...

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Going greener with NovaFlow&Solid

The use of lightweight materials is a permanently increasing need in the automotive industry. This is reflected in the growing use of this technology ...

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Saving time and money with NovaFlow&Solid

In the Swedish town Floby, home to just over 1500 inhabitants, Automotive Components Floby (AC Floby) has resided for more than 60 years. From their f...

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Instant simulation with NovaOne HPD

In the Summer of 2019 the newest member of our product range, NovaOne, was released. It is a quick and easy casting simulation software that will help...

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The essence of casting simulation accuracy

NFO Drives is a Clean tech company who develops and manufactures products that make electrical motors for machines, fans and pumps etc more energy eff...

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The success story of AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri

About six years ago, the die-casting company AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri chose to invest twofold when they hired their new tool manager Mattias Melin an...

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