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Simulation consultancy services


Our mission is to contribute to a responsible foundry industry. Our goal is to inspire foundries world-wide through our products, our innovations and our commitment. To achieve this, NovaCast is more like a partner with a helping hand, than just your average software supplier.

At NovaCast, we don’t just sell products, we also offer to be a flexible partner. Maybe you are already using our software or maybe you have no access to a casting simulation software?

In either case, sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands, whether it’s when you experience a high workload, are short of staff or in a temporary need for cutting-edge casting simulation?

So, why should you simulate your castings? The answer to that question is simple – it helps you predict the future. Even though it doesn’t solve all your issues with your components, simulations definitely help you avoid many pitfalls.

NovaFlow&Solid is a powerful tool in order to optimize both component geometry as well as the casting system. By doing so, one can change and adjust both at an early stage, which saves time and money. It’s much better to make ‘mistakes’ in the virtual environment since they are fast and cheap to correct. Many variants of a component can be analyzed and compared in order to find the best design which reduces scrap and increases yield.

Real life prototypes are far more costly and have longer lead times.

Can you afford not to simulate your castings?
If the answer is any other than a firm “yes”, let us talk.


The distortion of this component was detected by NovaFlow&Solid. Unfortunately, in this case the simulations were done after tooling and when the part was already in production.
…we learned that we should always simulate casting details before we decide upon the final construction.

This foundry has significantly decreased shrinkage issues in their castings.
The prediction is very close to reality, which means that we can solve problems with for instance shrinkage much faster, even in the first samples.


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