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ATAS MetStar W

ATAS MetStar is an easy to use, adaptive metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the metallurgical process. ATAS MetStar W is streamlined for white samples and will help foundries get more consistent castings and improved metallurgical quality.

Every cast iron foundry needs to realize the importance of controlling molten metal carbon equivalent. Since spectrometer evaluation of light materials is questionable at best (especially Carbon), NovaCast offers ATAS MetStar W to determine CEL (Carbon Equivalent from Liquidus). This will open the path to lower variation in the quality of the molten iron, which is essential to get less (Macro) defects arising from not properly controlling the Carbon Equivalent. ATAS MetStar W is a streamlined version of our premium metallurgical process control system, ATAS MetStar, and is a necessary tool to have in the melting shop for white samples. The W version is exclusively for evaluation of white samples using ATAS W cups (sand cups containing tellurium).

With ATAS MetStar W, you can calculate and keep track of your liquidus temperature over time. This will enable you to control it, which means that you will have less variations in your melt. Less variations in your melt will give you more consistent castings, which will reduce your scrap rate, save energy, and contribute to a greener planet.


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