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NovaGating is an innovative program that calculates the gating systems based on velocity. NovaGating is an add-on module to NovaMethod. Some of the advantages that are included in NovaGating are:

– Tapered or reverse tapered down sprue
– Intelligent layout editor (change any component)
– Automatic 3D modelling of calculated gating system
– Alloy database with settings for gating system
– Use of Ratios for defining different gating system parts



The following benefits are available with NovaGating: 

– Standardized method of development of ingates and feeders using well-proven calculations.

– Molding systems and feeders are modeled in 3D immediately after the calculation, which saves a lot of time.

– Created 3D models in NovaMethod are very easy to change. This also applies to molding systems and feeders created in NovaGating & NovaFeeding.

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