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NovaOne HPD

NovaOne HPD can simulate both cold- and hot chamber methods. It is possible to simulate more or less all commercial materials used for high pressure die casting like aluminum alloys and zinc alloys.

A quick and easy casting simulation software that will help you start simulating your castings in no time.

NovaOne is NovaCast’s elementary collection of casting simulation tools, streamlined to meet the essential demands of specific processes. NovaOne is a slim version of our premium casting simulation system, NovaFlow&Solid.



Add-on modules

A NovaOne license is highly customizable depending on the specific need for the user. We offer several add-on modules to build your own casting simulation program with the features most needed. Here are some modules that are possible to add:

• NovaStress: NovaStress is a postprocess calculation of residual stresses in the casting and the mold. The module can calculate the dimensional changes during the solidification process as well as distortion, cracks and stress distribution in castings and molds.
• Parameter optimization: The parameter optimization module can experiment with different designs to find the best way to cast a part by changing different parameters in a statistical way with the help of Taguchi Methods.
• Gas calculation: The gas calculation module takes the gas in mold, the gas backpressure and the venting placement into account when it simulates the mold filling, the risk for entrapped air and gas porosities.

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