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Sampling spoons

Use light-weight non-graphite ceramic sampling spoons with high melting point to avoid temperature losses. Also, there’s no need to preheat.

In a foundry it is very important that operators are using the correct tools to control their melt conditions. One of the most important systems for controlling metallurgical process control in a melt shop is ATAS MetStar which needs to be calibrated before usage. To make sure that measurements are precise and consistent, operators should use non-graphite ceramic sampling spoons (fibre sampling spoons) which are hand-held tools used to collect small amounts of liquid metal in order to test melt quality.

Non-graphite ceramic sampling spoons provide more accurate results than standard steel sampling spoons where active coatings are usually used. Our ceramic sampling spoons are made from an Aluminium Silicate material with high isolation properties. This is a completely inert material and do not cause any reaction with liquid metal used in different foundries. With non-graphite ceramic sampling spoons, operators in melt shops do not need to preheat the spoons (as with steel spoons) to reach perfect conditions (80-120°C above liquidus temperature) to pour into plain thermal analysis sand cups and make accurate evaluation of foundry melt quality. The start of ceramic spoon melting point is 1500°C, which is applicable for most liquid molten materials.

Some of the benefits using non-graphite ceramic spoons are:
• Light weight
• No preheating is necessary
• Low temperature losses
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Inert material
• High melting point


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