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The innovative casting process simulation tool that helps you work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings.

NovaFlow&Solid can simulate most commercial casting methods, such as gravity sand and permanent mold, low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting, lost wax method, tilt pouring, counter gravity casting, centrifugal casting and lost foam process.

Casting materials possible to simulate are (provided that data exists or can be retrieved): gray- and ductile iron, steel alloys, aluminum alloys, copper-, zinc and magnesium-based alloys, super alloys like nickel or chrome-based and titanium.

The system can use all types of mold and core materials that are commercial on the market and also exothermic materials, chills and both foam and extruded filters. The meshing method enables the simulation of real extruded filters and would also with foam filters if the 3D models existed.

The timesaving comes from switching mesh in the simulation and during filling in several steps. Where the sections are thick-walled you use a bigger mesh resolution and for sensitive areas you use a finer mesh. In version 6.5 of NovaFlow&Solid (released in April 2021), irregular mesh in mold was implemented which reduces the calculation time for solidification even further. Now, there is no excuse for not using simulation; shortening simulation time is crucial for all foundries to be able to optimize all their castings.

NovaFlow&Solid can make your casting production more green by letting you investigate and be guided how to increase your yield and optimize your production process. This will help you save energy, material and eventually use less of the resources on our planet. We believe in “Every casting count™”, which means that we should work together for a future where casting defects does not exist and you make good business with a good conscience.

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