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to help optimizing casting processes.

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Most of our team members have started their careers on the foundry floor experiencing the day-to-day challenges in different casting production processes. They are very skilled and extremely excited about optimizing feeders, reducing casting weight and stabilizing melts.


Our team consists of a great variety of people. Our ATAS developer is just not a math expert, he is also a musician. Our marketing associate has a great white dog to call her son and the founder of NovaCast, Rudy, is now engaged in organic wines.


Independent of who we are, our team is devoted to innovate and inspire the foundry industry to be smarter, more efficient at the same time as they reduce their environmental footprint.

We are on a mission

We believe in walking the talk and acting for change.

If we are focused and devoted in our mission, we will have come far enough to not leave any environmental footprint on our planet. So, this is what we have done, what we plan to do and our commitment is to continue to take action!

NovaCast was founded by Rudolf "Rudy" Sillén.
The introduction of ATAS
Introducing ATAS for improving melting and treatment of grey- and ductile iron.
Speeding it up
By using NovaCast's CV Method customers have:
» Saved time, 10 times faster simulations
» Improved accuracy, perfect description of the 3D model
» Saved engineering time, fully automatic meshing
Good Guys' Industry
We believe green business is good business for everyone and together we will make an impact. Join the Good Guys' Industry today.
Time to accelerate
The way to fully real-time simulation is accelerated by the new meshing technique provided by NovaCast.
» 10 – 20 times faster simulation time
» Enabled multiple iterations to optimize castings
» Improved Good Guys' Index
Going Further I
By participating in innovative projects, we are an important piece of the puzzle in developing the industry of tomorrow.
» ThinC: A Vinnova project which focus on developing thin castings for the aerospace industry.
» Adding II: A project with focus on 3D printed tools for HPD casting foundries with customized cooling channels.
Going Further II
We continue to contribute with resources and our knowledge in another project called Re-Optic where the mission is to implement casting process simulation already during the design phase.
The better cup
» Tellurium will be gone.
» There are still offenders.
» NovaCast will continue to take actions.
Every casting counts
95% of the castings produced by the company powered by the NovaCast solutions are fully optimized for the casting process. The environmental footprint will be reduced but there is more to be done…
The no cup vision

What we can do for you

If you want to make a real difference, use reality-based products.


» Our customers do good business with a good conscience
» Only the castings needed are being made because every casting counts
» Less errors and less defects = higher accuracy
» Higher yield because less material is melted
» Decrease usage of harmful substances
» Reduced material consumption
» Lower energy consumption

ATAS MetStar™


NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 is an innovative casting process simulation tool that helps you work faster, easier and achieve more accurate castings. NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 is an innovative casting process simulation tool that basically simulates mold filling and solidification. It also contains much more than that and it really gives you the possibility to simulate the casting production that you dream to have.

We think that you should be able to find solutions faster and more accurate than before and it should be easy to learn to use the program. NovaFlow&Solid 6.0 can make your casting production more green by letting you investigate and be guided how to increase your yield and optimize your production process. This will help you save energy, material and eventually use less of the resources on our planet. We believe that every casting counts which means that we should work together for a future where casting defects does not exist and you make good business with a good conscience.

ATAS MetStar™

ATAS MetStar is an adaptive tool for analyzing, stabilizing and optimizing the foundry process and helps improving yield and quality of castings. ATAS results in more consistent castings which will reduce your scrap rate, save energy and contribute to a greener planet.

ATAS MetStar is the new generation of metallurgical process systems which enables you to analyze, optimize and stabilize your foundry production. ATAS (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) is flexible and can easily be adapted to various production layouts and be configured to show exactly those parameters that the production personnel on the foundry floor needs.

With this modifying system you can predict micro/macro shrinkage in castings, therefore you can increase production yield, lower the energy consumption and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint. ATAS MetStar is built to inspire foundrymen to take charge of their process by making them in control of the variables. With its innovative features together with our customer guides, we will help you make your castings greener.

This tool is called Good Guys’ Index and not only does it measures your carbon emission but also your general environmental impact.

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We focus on technical solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and our mission is to create a responsible industry. Our goal is to inspire and innovate through our products and our commitment.

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We believe in the good in you. That you – are one of the good guys. And we believe that if everyone would let the good in them be in charge, it would make a real and significant difference. For you. For your children. And for the planet.

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