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10+ min read
Presence of shrinkage porosity in the casting of a LUK single mass flywheel
By Robert Kočevar

10+ min read
Evaluation of the critical times for the crack susceptibility coefficient calculation
By Taishi Matsushita, Mohammadreza Zamani, Anders E. W. Jarfors and Andrej Kump

10+ min read
Maximizing graphitization in cast iron
By Robert Andersson, System Developer at NovaCast

10+ min read
Casting Simulation of Air Disc Brake
By Shankar V Patil & Shivakumar D Malagi, Lund University

10+ min read
Case study on advantages and hurdles by casting chamber simulation
By Johannes Jerg, JERG Engineering GmbH

10+ min read
Featured article: NovaCast – technical innovation for a greener future
Originally published in Gjuteriet #3, 2022, Scandinavia’s leading foundry magazine

5 min read
Avoiding human error with full automatization of wire feeders (Featuring Centauro)
Control melt and stabilize final iron easier with a wire feeder machine that is connected to the metallurgical process control system.

5 min read
Having problems with variations in the melt shop? (Featuring ToyoDenka)
Control melt and stabilize final iron easier with a wire feeder machine that is connected to the metallurgical process control system.

7 min read
Determination of feederless casting limits by thermal analysis in cast iron.
In this study the determinations of melt quality was carried out by thermal analysis of ductile iron. The aim of the study was to determine the limits of feederless casting after the determination of inoculation quality in cast iron.

10+ min read
Improving the technology of aluminothermic rail welding based on software simulation
Source: ICMSSTE 2021, IOP Publishing

+10 min read
Increasing precision and yield in casting production by simulation of the solidification process
The conducted work shows and confirms how thermal analysis of grey and ductile iron is an important source for calculating metallurgical data to be used as input to increase the precision in simulation of cooling and solidification of cast iron.

7 min read
No excuse for not simulating complete HPD process
This article describes how new software developments will make it easier to optimize the design of the whole system.

5 min read
Parameter and casting optimization with simulation-driven casting design.
Castings are becoming lighter, stronger and increasingly defect-free, but there remains room for improvement. The higher demands for lower weights and higher quality challenges us to change how to design and produce castings.

7 min read
Simulating castings with real foam filters
It has been possible to simulate foam filters for a number of years, but the simulations have then taken a month or two which makes it most unpractical. With today’s technology, it is possible to create 3D models of filters.

5 min read
Simulating high pressure die casting with full process
NovaFlow&Solid is using something called Multi-mesh which means that we can use different size of mesh for the whole calculation domain during certain times in the simulation making it possible to simulate the gravity pouring of chamber followed by the piston movement just in minutes. In this way you can concentrate the simulation time on the most important part of the simulation the: filling of the casting cavity.

5 min read
The curse of the split melt.
To optimize a casting to 100% may not be realistic since the casting process is very complex. I can say with certainty that more than 90% of all castings in the world are not fully optimized for casting. This article is about how to solve this issue.

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